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Posted on 11/23/2011

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I am:
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South Africa
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Outside USA
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My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits. I grew up in a Christian family, so i had a bright knowledge about Christ and Christianity when i was 9yrs. My relationship with Jesus is my purpose for living. His will for my life is what I want today although it always hasn't been that way. I am far from perfect and have made my share of mistakes in my life. Today I am bearing God's fruit and walking in His will for my life. i believe age its just a number and Pls..I do realize that there is some age difference between us and I do not have any expectations of you writing back to me because of that. I'm not some younger gal looking to have a relationship with someone Older for kicks. I have always seemed to connect better with people who are older than I am and maybe that is because I am a very grounded lady who is energetic, has fun, and does things with a passion, I know what I desire and need in me and where I want to go, and I enjoy people...getting to know them and talking with them.
Looking for:
In a partner I want a man that has a beautiful male side to him, someone who cares about others and the world around. Someone who wants to have a life long partner and relationship that is built on trust and my parents who have been married for 27 years. Someone who wants to connect with me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. he must want to build a strong family unit, a place for us and our children to grow and feel safe and secure.
Body type:
5' 5"
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Professional Life
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  • Posted 2 years ago
you seem to be a dear lady as i read your message. I real share your noble ideas. God is first, family is next importance for me to. But things are not always happening the way we would like to be. Although i have longed to have such lovely family with strong connection, it did not happen to me so far. But i believe God still has time to work things for better for his seekers. just for your info, i'm b/n 38 Ethiopian man. I came to know Christ at my high school age. But he new me before my inception. I always dream to live the life i was created for, in the glory of his presence. May God grant all of us his grace!


  • Posted 8 years ago
south africa huh,ouch thats far lol.....