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Posted on 07/30/2013

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I am a very cheerful young man who is rather a bit shy but not too much.I love spending time to myself reading various material mostly Christian literature. With me, my Christian faith means everything. I like being responsible and accountable for what I do, not because of wanting to keep a good reputation before men, but rather the fact that I will one day have to give an account before the lord. In this life, we seem to have so many people around us. Outside our homes we have our friends, in our homes we have our families, but when we fall down to sleep in bed, we find really we are alone with God.Of course I have not always being like this, the lord has had to work on me gradually to make me a better person. I do have my own short comings though, but not too bad.I am worth the risk.
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I am looking for a God fearing lady or some one who is willing to share a relationship with the lord.I believe for any kind of relationship to work out their must be mutual understanding and common fundamental principles. I am single, but not really looking to fall into a relationship. I want to have a lady who is single and lonely and willing to give me company.I wish to have a positive impact on this lady in a way that is rare. She must be some one who will be willing to read stories I write up for her. I love writing staff on various topics and being creative.I spend most of my time indoors and my mind always wonders off thinking and imagining all sorts of staff.

She must be some one who respects herself. I am a fully dedicated Christian but trust me, I can surely give you a good time. I once walked the way of this world without site, but trust me, life in the lord is by far the best. most things we do seem right in this life, but ultimately lead to destruction.I wish to know a lady who looks at the potential of others rather than looking to be spoiled with gifts, as i believe everything is right at its appropriate time. I am not the kind of guy who would want to impress a lady by spoiling her-I am far from that, that is so irresponsible. When I give it should come from my heart.

I want a lady who is patient and free from gossip. I would really love to make such a lady happy and smiling, but she must really deserve it.One thing I have come to learn is that in order for the lord to bless and strengthen a relationship, it must be equally yoked in the lord. Both partners must be delight in the lord. I hardly use to delight in the lord but now he has opened my eyes and showed me how to leave. It is not just a matter of starting a relationship, but rather sustaining it. Of course I have let down a couple of girls in my life but then I was immature and quite young in the faith and I now wish to make up.

So if you are a lady who is lonely and looking forward to getting to know Mr lonely, then please feel free to keep in touch and we can be friends.I joined this site out of curiosity and loneliness is killing me, at-least I will feel much better If I can have someone to chart me up.
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